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Leather Corded Bracelets (Various Stones)

$27.00 $55.00

Leather corded bracelet each with its own symbolic stone.

From the Lattice collection of jewelry designer, Ona Chan.

Tiger's Eye: A protective stone. It enhances willpower and self-confidence. Brings luck and prosperity in money.

Malachite: Known for protection and absorbs negative energies. It draws in positive transformation and growth.

Rose Quartz: Known to lower stress and soothes those around. Unconditional love, high energy and it brings warmth to life and daily situations.

Cat's Eye: Stimulates intuition, increases awareness and provides a protective energy.

Blue Lace Agate: Known to be a gentle, calming stone of tranquility and grace. It lessens anger and nervousness. Harmonious and carries hope.

Black Agate: Black Agate is known balancing energy, protection and healing. Stone of physical strength. Enhances creativity and intellect.

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