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Chakana Cross Earrings

$110.00 $475.00

This elegant earrings are designed with the Chakana Cross, a mystical, Incan symbol parallel to the Tree of Life. Kindly see below description for further information on the Chakana Cross.

These earrings are available in fair trade gold, silver and tru bronze. The Chakana Cross measures 12mm in diameter.

The element TruBronze is an ethical alloy containing recycled copper with a 14k gold finish effect.

Fair trade is an independent, ethical certification of a product which has been responsibly mined and guarantees miners are working in good conditions. The designer creates this line of jewelry exclusively with conflict free, certified Fair Trade Silver and Ecological Amazonian Gold, ensuring the livelihoods of the indigenous are protected and rewarded fairly and that the environment is treated sustainably with ongoing love and respect.

The Chakana Cross is a mystical, Incan symbol parallel to the Tree of Life, where three levels of existence are revealed; the upper world inhabited by the Gods, the human world of our every day existence and the underworld where the spirits of the dead and the ancestors dwell.

The hole through the center of the cross is symbolic of an ancient Stargate by means of which the shaman transists the cosmic vault to the other levels. It also represents the center of the Incan Empire. Although these are some of the most common meanings attributed to the symbol, there are some who consider it to be far more mystical in origin.

These people believe that the symbol has mathematical and geometrical significance, holding within it the key to the Incan understanding of the secret of life.

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