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Fair Trade Jewelry

From the same founder of Believer Jewellery, Katie Walker. A fusion of influences from ancient civilizations and nature’s superlative design, paralleled with strong ethical values has been the driving force behind the concept of “INKANA”.

Much of Katie’s fine jewelry is brought to life by “green” gold, mined from the northernmost tip of what was the Incan Empire, and is therefore not only inspired by the Inca, but also connected to them and their lands on a spiritual level. During her global search for a greener gold such as this, Katie uncovered the dark side of precious metals. A paradox to the gesture of which jewelry is gifted and worn.

In a humanitarian nightmare that has claimed the lives of millions, Congo has been labeled “the deadliest place on Earth to be a woman”, where crimes against humanity are a daily threat to the Congolese, and control over the country’s natural resources, gold and diamonds, remains an issue. With this in mind, Katie Walker has created exclusively with conflict-free, certified Fair-trade Silver and Ecological Amazonian Gold, ensuring the livelihoods of the indigenous are protected and rewarded fairly, and that the environment is treated sustainably with continuing love and respect.



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