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Believer Jewellery

Ethically Handmade with Love

After reading the book ‘Half the Sky’, founder Katie Walker was inspired to learn and to do more for pressing issues facing women and children in developing countries:

“Becoming a parent changes your perspective on love and life. I couldn’t simply forget or ignore what I had learnt about the terrifying issues facing women in Asia and sub Saharan Africa; their lives and those of their children. As a mother and a woman, I feel responsibility to help in any way I can.”

And so from this the concept and brand of Believer was born. Katie Walker was inspired to make a change through ethical and fair trade jewelry, highlighting a social responsibility for product source and providing the public with an avenue and help.

Believer isn’t simply jewelry, it’s a statement and a following of responsible shoppers who stand up for what they believe in and contribute to changing the world, one cause at a time.



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