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Valentine's Day Jewelry

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1. Rose Gold ‘Lattice’ Necklace with Pink Cat’s Eye Stone ($130)

If you’re looking for something more on the delicate side, yet unique, this necklace definitely stands out. From the collection of Ona Chan, a jewelry designer who is from Hong Kong, and travels the world, started her business in New York and currently residing in Vancouver. This necklace is also available in silver (with blue cat’s eye stone) and gold (with rutilated glass).

2. 18k Gold Vermeil Stud Earrings with White Mother of Pearl ($115)

From the Missoma collection, London. These gorgeous studs are an ideal gift idea for someone with a little more of a classic taste when it comes to accessories. Also available in additional semi-precious stones, lapis lazuli, turquoise and grey mother of pearl, as well as sterling silver.

You can also pair these earrings with the matching necklace and bracelet if you’re looking for a set.

3. 18k Rose Gold Vermeil Key Charm Bracelet with Pink Garnet Stones and Amethyst Drop ($130)

Does your significant other love pink? If so, this bracelet is a stunner. From the Missoma collection, designed and made in London.

4. 18k Gold Vermeil Vertical Earrings with Blue Sapphire ($225)

Want something to give her to wear with a gorgeous evening look? These stunning earrings are ideal, and pair with the matching bracelet.

Made in London, from the Missoma jewelry collection.

5. Luxury Italian Leather ‘Violet Struzzo Pochette’ ($205)

What about a luxury Italian purse, handmade with genuine leather in the beautiful Tuscany, Italy? This purse is a geat size, and can be used as a clutch, or worn over the shoulder. Strap removeable, and comes with dust bag to keep clean. From the Toscannia collection.

6. Arabic Rose Quartz Ring ($65)

Rose quartz brings inner peace and is known to open the heart to unconditional love by promoting a nourishing flow of loving energy. From the Minu Jewels collection, inspired by the designers’ Middle Eastern heritage and the Mediterranean, this ring is handmade and unique in design.

7. Beaded ‘Heart’ Necklace for Girls ($25)

Looking for a gift for your daughter, or looking for a gift for her friend? This beaded necklace (that can also be wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet) is ideal. Ethically handmade with love, from the Believer Jewellery collection.

8. Sterling Silver Necklace with “Written in the Stars” Engraved and Inset Diamond ($135)

Simple, chic and unique. A very special necklace for your loved one, complete with a lovely jewelry box to keep the necklace in. Also available in 18k gold vermeil with inset diamond. From the Missoma collection.

9. Luxury Italian Leather Travel Bag, ‘Milano Fuxia’ ($375)

Does your love have a love for travel? Our selection of travel bags from our Toscannia collection are in one word, gorgeous. Both practical and stylish, I personally love my Toscannia travel bag when I’m traveling, be it internationally or just a weekend getaway. Also available in additional colors.

This entire collection is designed by Toscannia’s designer in Barcelona, Spain and handmade with genuine Italian leather in Tuscany, Italy.

10. Rose Gold ‘Boyfriend’ Cuff with Pink Cat’s Eye Stone ($150)

Rose gold cuffs with adorably beautiful pink cat's eye stone, known to give powers of strong determination, intelligence and strength of mind. From the Ona Chan collection.

11. Fair Trade Gold Chakana Cross Necklace ($450)

From the gorgeous Inkana collection, this jewelry is ethically made with Fair Trade materials. 

The Chakana Cross is a mystical, Incan symbol parallel to the Tree of Life, where three levels of existence are revealed; the upper world inhabited by the Gods, the human world of our every day existence and the underworld where the spirits of the dead and the ancestors dwell.

The hole through the center of the cross is symbolic of an ancient Stargate by means of which the shaman tranists the cosmic vault to the other levels. It also represents the center of the Incan Empire.

12. Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace with Silver Arabesque Pendant ($585)

From the Middle Eastern jewelry collection, Nadia Dajani. Inspired by her heritage and culture of Jordan, this collection is all handmade.


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