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The All-Day-All-Night Bag

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The bigger my bag is, the more unnecessary ‘stuff’ I put in there. “Maybe I’ll need this”, “Maybe I’ll need that”. Next thing, I’m carrying a fabulous bag, that actually feels like I’m carrying enough bricks inside to build a little wall.

I love big bags, so so much, but some days it’s not practical, (at least for me, until I learn to not carry everything but the kitchen sink with me) especially if I’m not required to carry my laptop or iPad, notebook etc. I also have back issues (yay for getting old!), so a decent bag I can easily carry my essentials in without adding pressure, but that still looks stylish and trendy, is ideal. 

Cue, smaller purses/clutches. And a bag that can also transition to the evening? Score! 

Though Boyajian Trend Gallery is prominently a home to curated jewelry from around the world, I also fell in love with Toscannia when I first came across them a couple of years ago, and knew I wanted to share this brand through my selections too.

The designer herself, Mia Jordi, is from Barcelona, Spain. Her highly coveted designs are produced 100% in the scenic Tuscany, with genuine Italian leather. From the incredibly soft, and just simply gorgeous leather itself to the high quality finishes, I love carrying my Toscannia creations.

With bags and purses I prefer to invest a little more in and buy good quality ones that I know will last for years, as firstly I get attached to them, and secondly, in the long run I don’t want to have to keep repurchasing a style of bag because the insides have torn or they’ve lost their quality on the outside. With this said, you should also look after all bags, and each Toscannia bag comes with it’s own strong cloth dust bag to keep it in when not in use.












The smaller sized purses I selected for Boyajian Trend Gallery, the Tag and the Struzzo Pochette are very versatile. Incredible quality, stylish, and they are designed in such a way they carry well throughout the seasons without going out of style. While it’s nice to have a few purses in your closet that are more unique and fun for certain looks, it’s also important (yes, handbags are important ;)) to have the classics too.

This particular one I’m holding here is the Struzzo Pochette in violet color. With the sizes of cell phones these days, you just want a bag to be able to fit it in comfortably, plus your wallet, plus your go-to makeup, and whatever else you need, which this purse offers. 













The strap consists of a chain with the leather interlaced, adding more to the classic-ness of the design. (Classic-ness, is that a word?! Well if not, now it is). It comes with hooks, so you can easily remove the chain, or just simply tuck it inside the purse if you want to change it up through the day.

Whether you wear it hanging on your shoulder, as a cross-body, or as a clutch, it’s a stunning accessory to style any look with, day or night, casual or dressy.












Be sure to also check out the range of travel bags. The fact they hold up extremely well with all my heavy junk I ‘need’ to carry when I’m on the road, is phenomenal!

boyajian trend gallery toscannia *Additional Accessories

Tassel Bracelet: Frozen Time (Yayoi collection)

Amethyst Coin Earrings: Sarda Earrings (Minu Jewels collection)

Rose Gold Key Charm Bracelet (pictured above): Pink Garnet Stone & Amethyst (Missoma collection)

Square Cocktail Ring (pictured above): Cat's Eye Stone (Ona Chan collection)

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