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Look Good, Feel Good

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, looking good starts from the inside. But that said, there is a connection how you feel about your self on the outside too.

Don’t you hate when you’re having a bad day and you have an event to attend or a dinner and all you want to do is wear something comfy, lounge around, watch a movie and not worry about having to dress up?

I definitely have those days when I’m maybe not having the best day and my mood is.. well.. moody. We all do.

Buuuut, alas, you have to get off the couch, pull your self together, and get out. 

I abuse the ‘when in doubt, wear black’ rule. This is my go-to when I have such days. It’s just such an easy ‘canvas’ to dress in, no matter my mood. I can add dainty details or chunky statement accessories.

My mood heavily effects what I want to wear. And what I wear can effect my mood.

So wearing a black silhouette and playing with details is such an uncomplicated way to chic your self up. This way I avoid the whole ‘oh what was I thinking wearing this, now I don’t feel comfortable!’ thoughts once I step out the house. And this uncomfortable feeling is sure to display itself on the outside.

I used to work in film production and style photoshoots, working with actors or models. Being in front of the camera, it’s important they are in the right frame of mind. No matter how much make-up they have on and beautiful clothing they wear, the camera will pick up their emotions. If a camera can do this, think what it’s like when face-to-face.

I fidget around with my outfit, or keep trying to change my hair in the bathroom for instance when I feel *ugh* in a look. Who has time for such unnecessary thoughts and feelings?!

That’s why I believe self-love is a connection between the inside and out.

You should have fun with finding your style. Find a staple that makes you feel good. Whether it’s wearing black, putting your hair in an up-do, throwing on a shade of hot red lipstick, or painting your nails in your favorite color. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. Less is more. The less details you add, the more your signature touch will stand out, and trust me, you’ll feel GOOD… inside out!

Find what makes YOU comfortable. It doesn’t have to be coming straight off the runways of fashion week, it doesn’t have to be ‘on trend’. I’ve heard from so many tell me ‘well, I don’t know what’s in fashion now, I’m so out of touch’. You don’t have to know everything going on. One trend may look great on you, but awful on me.

Find that balance of what styles you love and own it.

This is what inspired me to create my business around sharing my findings with you, with so many different styles in mind. I love to wear clothes over and over again and recreate looks by styling them differently each time.

Some of us love to wear over the top pieces and some of us prefer more relaxed looks with subtle details. There’s nothing worse than investing in a new piece of jewelry, or a handbag, or clothing, and later feeling like ‘why did I buy this’. (Well there are worse things, but let’s roll with this ;)).

I fell in love with the work of the designers I chose for Boyajian Trend Gallery, the way they work and their talent. Each is different to the other.


Everything I selected, I believe in. From the quality, to the materials, to the uniqueness. If I wouldn’t purchase it my self, I wouldn’t have it in my store.

When I wear their pieces, it makes me feel good. I get asked a lot about the jewelry I wear, and each has a little story behind, from what country they’re made in, or it’s fair trade, handcrafted, inspired by a culture, and so forth… I feel if I’m going to spend a bit more on accessories, I’d rather buy something unique that is not mass produced and you can’t find everywhere.

What’s your signature go-to to make you feel good?


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