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Inspire Interview: Chantal of Boyajian Trend Gallery

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(The following is an excerpt from an interview with me on peachandchaos.com)

Woot woot! Another Inspire Interview today with Chantal of Boyajian Trend Gallery! She owns and runs not only a boutique that features jewelry and accessories from independent designers, but she’s also a stylist and blogger! Read more about her exciting life and business below!

What is it you do?

I moved to Los Angeles in 2014 from Qatar and launched my eCommerce boutique, Boyajian Trend Gallery, in 2015. I curate interesting and unique jewelry & accessory collections from independent designers I find from around the world.

I am also a wardrobe stylist and blogger, writing about anything to do with style, sharing products I love to use and my experiences and places I visit in Los Angeles.

What inspired you to start your own blog/business?

Through my styling years, I naturally developed my own taste in style around the notion that my life is pretty fast paced, so I’ve had to find efficient ways of putting together looks that still allow me to express my style.

Accessories allow me to do that. I like to think of my clothes as blank canvases and I add personal touches through my jewelry, purses, shoes and so on.

With this, I developed an increasing love and appreciation for unique jewelry, and so I developed and launched Boyajian Trend Gallery.

I still continue to share my passion for all things style by blogging too. I love to help others find their comfort zone within their wardrobe. There is such a thing as combining comfort and style. If you choose classic, timeless pieces of clothing that will last you through the years, you can have fun through adding different accessories. You can these to transform the same look in to a number of styles.

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