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Friendship Jewelry

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It’s only natural this time of year for us to reflect, be it in how we want to develop ourselves, our careers, relationships, health choices and so forth. 

Now that the holiday season is behind us (before it quickly returns again before we know it!!), we should remember all year round to make the best choices for ourselves. When it comes to this topic, over time I have become more and more selfish in my thoughts and believe if you can’t look after yourself first, you can’t look after anyone or anything else.  

We all go through ups and downs and changes in our lives, and one thing I am extremely lucky to have consistently is all my friendships. 

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you’ll know I moved to the States in 2014 after having grown up and lived in Doha, Qatar for almost 20 years.

During those years, I developed some amazing friendships, friends I like to call my chosen family! As much as the holidays were very enjoyable, I definitely missed my friends over on the other side of the world.

Cheesy line approaching… No matter near or far, thankfully we all remain very close, and with thanks to technology we, get to remain in frequent contact.

These are the sort of friends, if we don’t talk for weeks or months, when we do reconnect it’s as if we spoke yesterday. Who of your friends come to mind who you’d call your ‘chosen family’?

Whether you get to see your closest friend or friends everyday, or once a year, surprises can always be fun. So I want to share some of my suggestions of ‘friendship jewelry’, more geared to adults. When we were kids, we’d have those little hearts you’d split in half with your best friend. Remember those?! Or friendship bracelets, and we’d try to collect as many as possible!

Now it’s quality over quantity. When it comes to people in our lives. The things we purchase. How we spend our time.

The concept behind the unique jewelry (and handbag) collections I house here on Boyajian Trend Gallery, is that each is meaningful in their own way. Each independent designer I found and selected I felt drawn to for their individuality. Their inspirations differ.

Here are 5 of my recommendations for friendship jewelry, pieces with a bit more meaning, which you can get your bestie (for the restie!): 

1. Friendship Earrings

These beauties from the Nadia Dajani jewelry collection are made with freshwater pearls, and come from the designers’ home city of Amman, Jordan. Each earring has beautiful Arabic calligraphy, with one reading ‘Friendship’ and the other ‘Good Health’.

2. Crimson Coral Mala

Have a friend in to yoga? Gift them with a mala. Mala’s are a tool, used to help the mind focus during meditation or prayer. A popular piece amongst yogi’s.

This particular one is made with naturally formed crimson coral. This mala is also available in turquoise and amethyst from our Believer Jewellery collection.

3. Tiger’s Eye Corded Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye stone is known to be a protective stone. It gives courage, willpower and is a stone of personal empowerment. More stone options, in a variety of colors, each with their own properties are available from the Ona Chan collection.


4. Arabic ‘Mashallah’ Ring and Earrings

Arabic calligraphy jewelry was the first style jewelry I was looking for when I began my Boyajian Trend Gallery journey. Minu Jewels collection, inspired by the designers’ Middle Eastern roots brings together an eclectic collection of a variety of styles. This jewelry set is handmade from silver with Arabic calligraphy reading ‘Mashallah’ meaning ‘Praise be to God’ set in 18k gold-plate. The ring is adjustable to fit all sizes.


5. Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

A popular style, the evil eye is known to protect its wearer from any bad energy, and bring happiness for themselves and those around. A lovely, meaningful gift idea, that will keep giving. Made in London, from our Missoma collection, with sterling silver and beaded black spinel.

"Friends are like four-leaf clovers, hard to find, but lucky to have."


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