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Favorite Nails for Fall

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And so the warm weather continues here in Los Angeles, but that's not stopping me from getting in the mood for Fall.

How am I doing this when it's 80+ degrees outside? Mainly through the colors I'm wearing. I've been shifting from bright and vibrant hues to more neutral shades, cooler colors and also changing up my accessories.

Whilst I've also been enjoying wearing brighter shades of nail polish over the summer months, I'm starting to shift to colors for fall. Generally I prefer to wear classic colors.

Skimming through Instagram, I love seeing all the #nailstagram's and getting #nailspiration. There's some incredible nail art out there! I've only ever tried to do something more funky with mine a couple of times, but personally I get bored easily with my nails, so I tend to stick to solid colors and more classic, as I'm forever changing up my accessories as well.

I've put together here my top 5 favorite shades I am enjoying at the moment. They're classic and I find these easy to match with most, if not all, looks. And above all, they don't clash with most jewelry and purses. When selecting my accessories, I do take in to account what color my nails are.

The classic nude is a popular go-to. I can match, gold, silver, rose gold jewelry with it, colorful accessories, and it's easy to manage and maintain. Because, let's face it, chipping is inevitable, and on those busy days we don't have time to fix them, this color isn't so noticeable when chipped. There's nothing that aggravates me more when I'm wearing a darker polish and there's a chip (or two)! So I like to stick to lighter colors for busier days.

Another neutral I have been wearing more frequently is gray. I love this color in gerenal, especially in the colder months. Growing up, purple was my favorite color as a kid, and it's a great color for fall, as per this handmade amethyst bracelet.

I haven't always been the biggest fan of shiney or glittery nail polishes, but this particular one I came across I like, It's not too shiney, and works well day or night. It also looks gorgeous complimented with gold accessories.

Oh, the inevitable red. I LOVE red all year round. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Though I like a brighter red in the summer and deeper, richer hues in the winter. The only thing I loathe about it though is removing it. I end up with red hands and having to scrub it off! Am I doing something wrong?! Why does this not happen with other colors?

I always had a love / hate relationship with black nail polish. It's been a long time since I have used this color, but going back to my love phase for it. Whilst I love it when I see someone else wearing this color, for some reason I don't always warm to it on myself. But now, again, with the cooler seasons approaching, I'm excited to be bringing out my black clothes which have been hiding over the summer.

Now, if the weather could just cool down please, that would be great!


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