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Accessories You Need to Invest in

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Happy Friday!

Another week of New York fashion has wrapped up, show casing what's in store for the next Spring season. Meanwhile, we are transitioning in to Fall, and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally wear boots again!

I've been doing my biannual clean out of my wardrobe, getting rid of pieces I no longer want, replacing the summer clothes back in to the boxes with my warmer clothes. Yes, I know, LA isn't exactly freezing right now, but it is cooling down (finally - bye bye frizzy hair!).

As the seasons are changing, I am thankful I get to carry my accessories through to the next and style them differently.

Chunky necklaces I paired with floaty summer dresses I can now wear over a collared shirt (like this image here from the Banana Republic collection).Bracelets I stacked with bright and colorful pieces, I can now mix with cooler winter hues, or warmer fall colors. This is one reason I prefer, and recommend, to invest in good, solid pieces, both classic and unique. You can keep wearing them and use them differently with different looks.

When I eventually was able to sit down last night and look through the NYFW shows, I was happy to see some trends that are here to stay. 

Though not groundbreaking, florals of course were reminiscent on the runways. Though it's pretty much always in season, I love florals. It's feminine, it can be very flattering (when it's the right print), and I love to mix it with solids or even stripes - again, this can be hit or miss so be careful!

What I did love this fashion week though was that the florals made an appearance through accessories, rather than just through print or lace. Flower necklaces and chokers, absolutely beautiful head pieces made of flowers, floral bracelets...

Anna Sui had some gorgeous examples of this at her show, with floral accessories and how she mixed up various prints.














*Shop the look: Nadia Dajani handmade copper & glass beaded choker . Also available in black.










Fringe. Fringe has been all over the place this summer, and it's here to stay. Yay! If you've seen some of the pieces I've selected in the Boyajian Trend Gallery collections, you can see some definite statement accessories with tassels and fringe.




diane von furstenberg vogue new york fashion weekdiane von furstenberg, vogue, new york fashion week

Diane von Furstenberg, hands down one of my favorite designers, kept her accessories simple and beautiful. From the floral hair pieces to these stunning purses with fringe detailing, and a simple statement bangle.

I noticed this a lot through the shows, accessories were kept to a minimum, but they were certainly bold and attention-grabbing, be it a large necklace, or chunky drop earrings, a statement cuff...

marissa webb new york fashion week

Marissa Webb also had some shoes I am currently obsessing over, with fringe details, and this detailing was echoed through the necklace too.












yayoi fringe necklaceyayoi fringe necklace boyajian trend gallerytoscannia, leather fringe bag, boyajian trend gallery

*Yayoi Duke von Tassel tassel necklace

*Yayoi Howlite Overseas fringe necklace

*Toscannia Camel Urban Indic Fringe handbag

jenny packham new york fashion week, necklace layeringpam and gela, new york fashion week, necklace layering

One more trend I want to touch up on was layering. Necklace layering was seen on the runway of Jenny Packham. This is perfect for when you're all "oh I don't know which necklace to wear!!". Wear all the necklaces! Well, not all, still be careful how you do this, but the key is to have one or two neutral or classic pieces, and match them with a more unique looking one.

Pam and Gela also show a great way how to match a chunky choker with a longer necklace.

missoma, boyajian trend gallery, silver necklacemissoma, boyajian trend gallery, mother of pearl necklacebeliever jewellery, red mala, boyajian trend gallery

*'Written in the Stars' Sterling Silver necklace with inset diamond

*Bisous Grey Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver necklace

*Crimson Coral Mala, Handmade


What accessories will you be carrying through to Fall? 


*All fashion images via Vogue.com










































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