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How to Add Color to a Neutral Look

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If you open my wardrobe, you’ll find a lot of black, white and gray. Oh and beige. Actually, more black than anything. Far too often I’m saying, “When in doubt, wear black”. Neutrals are an easy go-to. Can give you a clean, put together look in minutes. Chic and simple.


However, what do you do if you want to add color, but can’t find a color or a print in your wardrobe that you feel like wearing?


In these scenarios, (yes, it happens often, yes, the struggle is real), I’ll take a neutral ensemble and add colors through accessories.



Here, I’ve taken a black and white striped dress I love to wear. I’ve worn it several times, styled different, for instance with black shoes, black bag and minimal jewelry. I love it firstly for it’s shape.

With my figure, I like to wear pieces that are more fitted on top, and cinched at the waist. I love A-line skirts and dresses, or using a belt worn on my waist to bring it in with a looser top or dress.


I made this work for a day look with some colorful floral print heels (an old purchase from one of my favorite British designers, Karen Millen). With stripes or a solid neutral / monochrome color, you have the ease of adding any print, be it something abstract, floral, tribal, and so forth.

For this particular look, I wanted to brighten it up a bit. So, I used the colors from my shoes as style inspo to determine my jewelry and purse.


I brought out the colors with blue, green and yellow accessories, all from Boyajian Trend Gallery

Lapis Lazuli rings: Missoma collection




Malachite cocktail ring: Ona Chan collection

Green Italian leather handbag: Toscannia collection

18kt Gold vermeil necklace: Missoma collection

Leather cuff: Toscannia collection 


To take this look through in to the evening, I just removed the cuff, personal preference, like to keep it a little more minimal, and swapped the handbag for a clutch.

This particular piece is from Stella McCartney I bought years ago. Oh, and put my hair down for a change of look too.

I like outfits that can carry from day to night with simple adjustments, such as these. Especially on a busy day, especially in a big city like Los Angeles - who has the time to be driving back and forth to change frequently?!

I am very guilty of keeping heels and various pieces of my wardrobe in my car *just in case* I go somewhere and want to tweak my look. I have slowly accumulated quite the go-to collection, isn't that what the trunk and back seats are for?!

Who else is guilty of carrying their wardrobe on wheels?


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