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Arm Party

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Lately, I’ve been embracing the bracelet stacking trend, though in the heat of Los Angeles, it’s not as viable to wear so many pieces at once, as much as I want to go wild with my arm parties!

Whether you’re stacking up on one arm, or wearing several pieces on both arms, there are no rules. You can stick with one color or metal, for instance, silver, wear a few delicate pieces for a more classic look, or go wild and mix statement, chunky bracelets, mixing up colors, textures and metals.

This jewelry trend is such a great way of expressing your style. Some of us have certain pieces of jewelry we are attached to as well and wear more often. This is a great way of being able to wear these pieces more frequently and mix them up. Just as you would with an LBD for example. Goodness knows I’ve worn my go-to black dress more times than I can count, and I get complimented each time. I just accessorize it differently each time. So why not do the same with your jewelry?

And don’t worry about “silver must be worn with silver” or “gold with gold” if your staple accessory is one of these. You can’t go wrong. Little tip, if you’re not sure about mixing gold with silver, try rose gold instead. I find this to be a happy medium between the two.

The same trend goes for rings. Throw on a ring or two (or three or four). Though, personally, I like to keep my rings as a more delicate detail if I’m layering on heavier bracelets. Or I’ll go the other way and wear a chunky statement cocktail ring, and use that for style inspo and add bracelets for extra detail.

These are just personal preferences, so don't be afraid to experiment yourself and have fun!


As mentioned already, there are no rules! I repeat: There are no rules.

It’s so lovely to see Boyajian Trend Gallery jewelry worn around, and seeing all you lovely ladies wearing your pieces in your own ways. And feel free to share how you wear yours and tag us! You keep me inspired!

What’s your favorite style of stacking?

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