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Tantalizing Turquoise

turquoise turquoise jewelry

boyajian trend gallery, missoma turquoise jewelryI still can’t believe July is here and almost over!

Hello, 2015, where are you heading to in such a rush?!

We saw Christmas decorations being sold on TV last night, and I was thinking, wait, it’s summer still! I haven’t even got to do half the activities I’ve been planning to do yet, and we are already thinking of Christmas?!

Wasn’t last Christmas just a few weeks ago?

With that said, most summer activities I love to enjoy involve being outdoors and in the sunshine. I love to have a sun-kissed look. Of course, it goes without saying, when you’re out in the sun you must be careful and take appropriate precautions with your skin, wearing sun block and staying well hydrated.

A color I highly associate with the summer is turquoise. Though I do still incorporate this color in the winter time, and I’ll show you how when we reach that season, but let’s enjoy summer before we blink and its gone!  There’s just something about the way this color stands out, be it against a white ensemble, or black, or even against a print.

When I have more of a tan, I love to wear black in the evenings, wavy hair, and splashes of color over my ensemble. Personally I wear more gold, so if I opt for gold I like to mix in warm peachy hues. If I go for silver, I like to mix in turquoise. Though there’s nothing to stop mixing gold and turquoise too! Best of both worlds.


studs and sapphires lilian babaian, minu jewels turquoise necklace, boyajian trend galleryThis image is from the beautiful style blogger Lillian Babaian @StudsandSapphires, wearing our ‘Sarda’ necklace, paired with a white lace top. The way this necklace drops and extends down with the mixed chains, it works lovely when worn both over a high collared shirt, or a v-neck line. 

minu jewels, boyajian trend gallery, turquoise necklace, trendy necklaces

Years ago, I used to have a necklace with a turquoise pendant on a long silver chain.

A close friend of mine had the same, so it always makes me think of her.

When I was selecting jewelry from the collections of Mina Hassan, the designer behind Minu Jewels, I saw this ‘Galena’ necklace and immediately remembered my old necklace. It’s such a go-to piece. It’s a statement in itself, and a magnificent style to wear with a maxi dress, or a flowy shirt for example.

missoma, turquoise jewelry, boyajian trend galleryMissoma, from London, has such dainty, delicate pieces. Really beautiful.

From their Bisous collection, I love the vibrancy of the turquoise.

These pieces are so gorgeous to wear alone, but they also work great with stacking and matching with other pieces. This goes for the rings, the bracelets, the necklaces. Necklace stacking is still all the rage, and we should all give it a try!minu jewels, turquoise jewelry, toscannia, boyajian trend galleryBack to Minu Jewels, the designer being from Egypt, uses her heritage as a huge influence on her design and style.

Her Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired collections means for a lot of colors and stones, and patterns, and turquoise is used a lot too. This ‘Faiza' bracelet is a statement. Each one does vary slightly with the turquoise slab, due to its natural properties.

And the ‘Milano’ travel bag from our Toscannia brand (Italian leather, handmade in Tuscany), is comprised of natural color leather, and detailed with a turquoise accent. If you could feel the leather, it’s so buttery and soft!

toscannia, turquoise jewelry, boyajian trend galleryHere are some interesting facts about turquoise as a color and as a stone:

- Turquoise is known to be one of the oldest stones in man’s history

- It is known to be a stone of protection, strength, and healing to the eye. So next time you need a little help with relaxing your mind, try to focus on this color

- It is a symbol of wisdom and nobility

- Turquoise has been said to promote leadership in the workplace. Fellow working women, let’s surround our space with turquoise! No matter what role or position, work life, daily life, remember, we always have a chance to be leading ♡ 

- The color helps to provide clearer thoughts and increased concentration

- Calms and recharges your energies

- Encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring

These are to name but a few. Do you incorporate color psychology and/or properties of natural stones in to your daily life? I’d love to know more and how! 


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