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Handmade, With Love

believer jewellery ethical jewelry handmade jewelry

Back in 2013, when I started researching and looking for designers with beautiful creations, I came across Believer Jewellery.

Viewing their lookbooks, I knew this was a brand I wanted add to my platform for quality fashion jewelry that stands out, but that also lasts, investment pieces. Actually, we connected on Twitter of all places!

What drew me to this brand, as well as the others we carry on Boyajian Trend Gallery, Believer Jewellery comes with a story. The products are not mass produced and generic.

Believer Jewellery is a brand built upon ethical values and social responsibility.

Jewelry is like the icing on the cake with any outfit, and when a piece holds a valuable story, be it from the brand or a sentiment, it makes it that much more special.

I also believe that if you're going to invest in an item, you want to know it's special.

The British designer behind this label, Katie Walker, also the designer behind our Fair Trade jewelry line, Inkana, designs through her inspiration to make a change in the world. 

These colorful creations have been made with love in Nepal.

For our younger trendsetters, these 'One Love' collection bracelets and headband are made with combinations of cotton strands, beads and soft leather binding.

I also fell in love with these Mala's, not only for their striking colors, but also what they stand for.

Mala's are used as a tool to help your mind focus. For centuries, these have been worn by yogis and spiritual seekers and used in meditation, prayer and living a mindful life.

What a beautiful way to wear one of these! We have such busy day to day lives, and it can be so easy to lose track of ourselves, it adds as a special reminder to help you slow down and focus when needed.

The Fibonacci collection also holds its ethical values, handmade in the UK and using recycled silver and brass. 

I found these pieces very interesting in their design, and can be worn as a staple item, yet they stand out. The pieces are quite lightweight, yet strong. Particularly handy for the earrings if you don't like to wear anything too heavy.

If you could make a change in the world, what would it be? :)


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