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Designer Spotlight: Nadia Dajani

handmade jewelry nadia dajani

During my search for unique, talented designers, Nadia Dajani caught my attention. With my background of growing up most of my life in the Middle East, I was very eager to find pieces with an Arabic inspiration.

Nadia Dajani is of Jordanian origin, based in Amman, a country I visited several years ago, and wish to return to visit the Dead Sea again, go to Petra, Wadi Rum, to name but a few places.

With having studied architecture, Nadia Dajani’s interests shifted to jewelry making. Her background and heritage are evident in her designs.

I love that she is a strong advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility. Having her own workshop in Amman, Nadia Dajani empowers women to work and learn, through training these women in the art of jewelry making.

nadia dajani copper handmade rings nadia dajani feynan scarf handmade copper

I selected some of these gorgeous pieces of jewelry, which are handmade with copper and glass beads. So pretty and unique in their own way, as well as having a lovely story behind them. 

nadia dajani boyajian trend gallery hamsa hand bracelet

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Hamsa Hand trend became very popular in recent years.

Holding an old tradition, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, it represents a symbol of protection and in some cultures believed to guard against the evil eye.

I loved these sterling silver stylized Hamsa Hand bracelets (also known as Hand of Fatima), from the collection.

Nadia Dajani also designs statement jewelry pieces using various gemstones, which she sources herself through her travels!

 nadia dajani grey pearl earrings boyajian trend gallery

Just as much as I love to wear fun, trendy, fashion jewelry, I also love to hold more classic pieces, especially earrings. I have a lot of special occasions (thankfully!) I attend, be it weddings, engagements and such, so depending on what I’ll be wearing, I love to have a nice hair updo, and a glam pair of earrings.

And so, with such events in mind, I selected suitable earrings from Nadia Dajani. In particular, these grey freshwater pearl earrings are so special, they can go with pretty much any color, and the quality and care that has been put in to these pieces makes everything that much more special and worthwhile. Some pieces are so unique, there are only 1 or 2 in stock, be sure to visit the collection to see more earring options ♡ 

Over the years, I've been taking more and more care with my personal selection of jewelry when I would indulge in a little retail therapy. If it’s something I love, I want to make sure it will last! I wanted this to reflect through my store as well. I wanted to seek and provide a collection of pieces that last, and are special.

See more from the beautiful collection, and keep an eye out, we have a few more pieces coming soon!


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