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Fringe Benefits


“My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather.” (Terri Guillemets)

And my favorite trend this bird-chirping season is FRINGE!

Accessories with fringe, fringe handbags, fringe jewelry, tassel bracelets, and all things much alike have been coming back strong recently! Speaking to various trend lovers, much of people’s obsessions have involved something with a fringe of late!

I love to people watch as well, observe styles, get inspiration, see what’s popular. The other day I was people watching at the airport whilst waiting for a friend arriving, so nice to see how popular fringe bags were for travel style too! As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am an avid lover of traveling, and it’s only natural I love airport style!

I’m all for ‘adaptable comfort’ when traveling. Adaptable in that I can throw on a large shawl doubled as a blanket in-flight, and if I’m meeting someone on arrival, just before landing I can freshen up and add on something with a statement, perhaps a necklace, to feel a little more glam. Especially after long-haul flights! 

This also goes for my baggage. I love a large, stylish handbag to throw in all my in-flight essentials. I am terrible at packing. But I have come to learn over the years, I prefer to pack more of a range of neutral pieces for my clothing, and pack a few statement items of jewelry which I can add to a number of looks and ta-da! They take up less space in my luggage – all the more for saving space for shopping ;)

This is one of the reasons I fell in love with Toscannia when I came across them prior to starting Boyajian Trend Gallery.

There are a lot of handbags out there indeed, but through getting to know the designer, who is from Barcelona, and getting to know the brand, and then the pieces, I just want to keep traveling to have an excuse to carry around their bags!

The Urban Indic fringe handbags are oh-so-on-trend, darling. And they are functional! I love the quality of the leather of these bags, which are made in Tuscany, Italy with genuine leather.

The colors selected, the types of leathers, the thought in to creating bags for everyday use, but still looking chic, drew me to them more. I work around a lot, so my laptop is with me much of the time, hence I need a bag to carry it all in, plus my other bits and bobs.

Back to my fringe-obsession. This necklace. This necklace from Yayoi, our much loved brand from Latvia. Aah, so lovely. The Howlite Overseas is made with howlite gemstones, and adorned with brown fringing. 

Needless to say it’s unique in design, I love the colors, though it stands out, they can still work with many colors to compliment, and the brown brings out the best of the blue hues of the gemstones.

If you’ve seen through our Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter channels, I have been (and still am) a little crazy for the Yayoi tassel bracelets.

 Here I’m wearing the Atlantic Blue, along with the gorgeous Fibonacci Petal Ring from our Believer Jewellery collection. This range of jewelry is made ethically made in the UK, with 100% recycled silver.

(Cheesy smile!) How are you incorporating fringe in to your fashion, ladies?




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