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Gold is Always Greener on The Other Side


So, with St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, naturally I was getting in the mood for some green accessories, and I thought, what about I share a little insight and knowledge in to “green gold” and precious metals.

I’m thrilled to have found and be housing our Inkana range, a line of fair trade jewelry, by designer Katie Walker, (who also is the designer behind our Believer Jewellery range).

The Inkana collection is a particularly special one. Well, all the brands I have selected specially for Boyajian Trend Gallery, are special ☺

Katie Walker is passionate about designing and creating her pieces with a strong ethical drive, from the materials they are made with, to where and how each piece is made.

Much of the jewelry from her collections are “green” gold mined from the Northernmost tip of what was the Incan Empire. Hence, the Inca holds the inspiration for this collection.

Whilst the designer was on a search for greener gold, Katie Walker came across a dark side of precious metals.

From their words:

“In a humanitarian nightmare that has claimed the lives of millions, Congo has been labeled ‘the deadliest place on Earth to be a woman’, where crimes against humanity are a daily threat to the Congolese, and control over the country’s natural resources, gold and diamonds, remains an issue.”

Taking all this in to consideration led the designer to create exclusively with conflict free, certified Fairtrade Silver and Ecological Amazonian Gold, ensuring the livelihoods of the indigenous are protected and rewarded fairly, in addition to that the environment is treated sustainably with continuous love and respect. 

Jewelry can hold mainly values to a person, be it sentimental, something with a story behind it, or even just holding the smallest of memories.

I personally love the story behind this line of jewelry, and it holds a good reminder of the world we live in, how we should look after it. The pieces we embellish our outfits with on a daily basis are like little pieces of art we carry around with us, and being able to tell a story on each is a plus for us.

This holds true to the platform I built this business on, for each brand I searched I wanted a ‘story’, whether with the materials used, or the culture behind the designs, I love to tell my mini ‘stories’ when people ask me about a piece I’m wearing.

This particular collection also in terms of design are classic. They provide as wonderful delicate jewelry to be worn either on their own for a subtle touch, or as accents mixed with other accessories. 

My very favorite piece of the collection is the Chakana Cross Chain Ring. It’s so delicate yet unique in design.


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