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Daytime Soirée


I certainly keep counting my blessings living in California and having year round sunshine! Though I do miss wearing boots more frequently!

So, yesterday I attended a baby shower (yay!). It was at a lovely restaurant, the sun was shining warm and bright outside. In the morning I was being the typical girl that I am and thinking ‘what should I wear’?

I’m all for maxi dresses and skirts. They are my go-to for events during the day (or night even). I was also, more than what is the normal amount, excited to be able to wear sandals (yes, it has been rather chilly here lately!), and I love to feel breezy, so a maxi dress was the way to go.

They never go out of style. At least in my opinion.  They can be very flattering on all body types. They are comfortable, easy to ‘throw on’, and my favorite part – easy to accessorize!!

The weather certainly plays a big role in the colors I opt for as well when selecting an outfit. 

With the hot weather yesterday and being out in the day, I went for a floral patterned dress.


The great thing with selecting a pattern consisting of a number of colors too, allows you to play around a bit more with your accessories. 

You can keep them neutral, as a subtle addition to your look, or pick out from the colors on the print and match up your pieces. 

I decided to focus more on having statement pieces of jewelry than bright colors. I let the dress handle the color department ;)

With a high halter neckline, I just put on some long earrings, no necklace. I am obsessed these days with my Ona Chan multi-lattice drop earrings. They’re edgy, unique, standout, but also wear really well. 

Some larger earrings over the years I have found to be a little finicky to wear. They move, twist, and can be rather heavy. The earrings from our Lattice collection are certainly made with quality and wear in mind.

And next, arm-candy! My favorite. I cannot go without statement rings and at least one bracelet. 

For anyone who’s seen me lately, I’m rarely found now without a tassel bracelet from our Yayoi collection. To make it a little more dramatic, I mixed two together (Black Gold and Frozen Time). 

And for the icing on the cake, I mixed up two of the rings from our Missoma collection (grey mother of pearl, and white mother of pearl).


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