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Chantal's World

Welcome to my world!

I’ll be sharing my tips, tricks, how to’s, where to’s and much more via our online magazine at BoyajianTrendGallery.com

But first, a little insight in to my inspiration to do so. You may already know a little in to my background if you have come across our About Us section, however I’ll explain a little more here ☺


I am of Armenian descent, to parents of mixed descents, born in the UK, grew up much of my life in Qatar, and now residing in lovely Los Angeles as of 2014. Yes, I’ve had a rather international upbringing and wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ve had the opportunity to grow up amongst people from all over the world, and from all walks of life, and lucky enough to say I have friends in many countries around the world.

Following my school years in Doha, Qatar, I went to university in the UK, attending Winchester School of Art to study Fashion. After graduating, I returned to Qatar and began working in design. The fashion scene wasn’t what it is today there, and I knew I wanted my own brand. However, I was lacking one “teeny tiny” detail. Industry experience.

Fast forward 8 years, I finally felt ready to follow my dreams. Throughout the 8 years, I gained experience in magazines, events, advertising and film production. Yes, quite a vast range! My positions in each area required similar roles, and they each taught me important skillsets I will always carry through with me.

During these years, to maintain my passion for fashion, I continued to style mainly for editorial shoots for a variety of magazines, and some personal clients. I love styling. I love putting together a look. I love making other people feel good about what they wear. I love to inspire.

When keeping my future brand in mind, I always thought, I want to design. I felt more driven towards jewelry and accessories, as on a personal level I have more fun with these. I can never leave the house without at least one piece of jewelry.

I began looking for designers whose work I loved. For pieces that I would wear. I decided to create my brand around this, housing these pieces I fell in love with. And the best part? I get to keep in touch with my international roots too by ‘shopping the world’!

And so I bring to you my own little world.

This online magazine will represent my thoughts, my styles. I hope to inspire you with my visions on how to wear a certain piece, or how to mix and match, and so forth.

If there is anything you would also like to see on here, please do get in touch! I love when people approach with “How can I wear this?” or “How can I style that?”. Don’t be shy ☺

Warm Regards,

Chantal xoxo

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