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Traveling in Style

Traveling has been a big part of my life, growing up in different countries, and now living in continent number 3!

Whilst I like to believe I have the whole packing thing sorted, I almost never fail to find myself immersed in a room that looks like someone has come and thrown everything out of the wardrobe and simply thrown every item around.

Between selecting outfits, preparing for whatever weather I am headed towards, I fully confess that I totally over pack. I blame it on the whole ‘Oh I don’t know how I may feel that day’. Excuses, I know.

On a trip to New York last year, and knowing I wouldn’t have much time each day to be figuring what to wear, this forced me to be more organized with my outfits for the week. Having been a stylist for a number of years, I’ve somehow become better at organizing other people’s outfits rather than my own!

Laying out the pieces and matching staple items is absolutely key. I laid out various looks over my bed, and with this I was able to see certain items can be mixed and matched with other pieces, saving a LOT of space (all the more to fit in your shopping – win/win situation ;)).

I can’t stress enough how much I prefer to carry more staple items of clothing, more neutrals that I can mix and match around, and then simply accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. And the beauty with accessories, be it jewelry, bags, a cute headband, scarves, and so on, is you can add them to more than one outfit. They just add the icing on the cake!

Don’t know about you, but we feel bare completing an outfit without at least a little embellishment! Even one trendy, stylish accessory can make a look stand out.

What are your tips and tricks for maintaining your style when you travel?


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