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Welcome, 2015!

Happy New Year Everyone!


2014 certainly was a whirlwind, and we are very happy to see what 2015 has in store!

One thing (or many) that is in store is our irresistible selection of accessories. What better way to update and freshen up a look then to simply add a new shiny piece of jewelry, or a new handbag?!



We are all for converting outfits in to brand new looking ones, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Jewelry and accessories shone bright on the Spring 2015 runways. Here are a few trends we expect to see this year:

- Large statement earrings. Check out our Multi Lattice earrings from Ona Chan, or the unique copper earrings from Nadia Dajani

- Ring stacking. We saw a lot of this in 2014, and happy to see the trend continue in the new year!

- Nautical hues. Always a classic color family in our eyes. You can filter through our colors to find what blue accessories we have in store

- Chokers. Blast from the past, but done far better this year round, in our opinion! We have a number of choker length necklaces. You can check our sizing guide when viewing necklaces to see what length each is

- Necklace combinations. Because why not accessorize your accessories?!

- Crystals and minerals. All sorts of stones, from rock quartz, to crystal, to agate to name just a few, were seen on the Spring ’15 runways. We have a wide range of unique designs in store with a variety of stones. Check out our Minu Jewels, Yayoi and Believer Jewellery collections!

Share your thoughts and comments with us, we’d love to know what trends you’re loving and wearing or wanting to try out!

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