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Hello & Welcome!

This is where I aim to keep you updated on all things trendy! I will be sharing posts about what I love, what’s in, styling tips and more!

First, a little intro in to why I decided to start this business… It was always a wish of mine to develop my own brand, and when I completed university in pursuit of this, I realized I had no idea where to begin!

After studying Fashion at university in the UK, I returned to Qatar to begin working, where I delved in to designing dresses, at the time thinking I would pass some time until I begin my own brand. Almost 9 years later, and various invaluable career opportunities, I reached a clearer vision of what I wanted to do.

Through the recent years, opportunities took me from events, to advertising, to film, all paving a path of irreplaceable experience, the one area I maintained consistently was styling. I would style whenever I was free and the opportunity arose.

What I grew to love more and more through the styling was the ‘icing on the cake’ with the accessories. Any great outfit is almost incomplete without at least one piece of jewelry or accessory item!

Even personally, I would enjoy shopping more for versatile pieces of jewelry, as I get to wear them more often, and even one statement piece can be used to embellish an array of outfits. A necklace has more chance of getting worn over and over again than an item of clothing in my wardrobe!

I enjoy mixing and matching pieces oh so much, and would get complimented on my accessories, I decided to share my passion in looking for beautiful jewelry and accessories, and create my brand through this love. Having lived a very multi-cultured life too, and lucky enough to travel many places, I wanted to embrace this too by searching for brands we love from all around the world. We hope you enjoy browsing through boyajiantrendgallery.com and keep checking back for more blog posts!

If you would like to guest blog, please drop me a line at chantalboyajian@gmail.com



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